Knowledge Drill Down

Divide, conquer, evaluate, learn.


What is Knowledge Drill Down?

A Knowledge Drill Down (KDD) offers a quick and easily updatable way to order and present information.

A KDD encourages the layout of information hierarchically, presenting a basic overview first and allowing the reader to pick which parts to investigate further, which bits to drill-down to, increasing detail whilst maintaining focus.

For an editor, a KDD allows a quick and easy way to get information onto the web and to keep it up to date in a similar way to a wiki but with much less complexity. Unlike a wiki, layout is less configurable. KDD is all about the content.

KDD Contents

What's in a KDD

The main part of the kdd is at the top or top left in blue. It contains title, description and optional image. To the right of the title is an indicator to say if the kdd has been marked in need of update and the search button. Clicking on this allows a text search of the current and all child kdds.

If an "eye" marker is present beneath the description, it indicates that the kdd is public. A 'megaphone' icon indicates the kdd will appear on the kdd front page.

Below that is an optional image.

Below that is a box containing the main textual information.

If the kdd has children, they will be shown on the right in green. Clicking on one will replace the active kdd on the left with the selected kdd.

At the bottom will be one or more buttons:

  • [(<-) to XXXXX] - Return to the top kdd. (if you are more than 1 kdd deep)
  • [<- to XXXXX] - Return to the parent kdd. (if you are 1 kdd or more deep)
  • [Add Section] - Create a new child kdd
  • [Add Special] - Create a new child kdd with a special function
  • [Edit] - Edit this kdd
  • [Delete] - Delete this kdd
  • [Users] - Edit the users with access to this kdd
  • [View Flattened] - Show this kdd and all children in a single page, suitable for copy/paste into an external package, editor, etc.

Hierarchical layout of information, not linear

Each KDD has one or more child KDDs contained within it.

  • Provide more detail in deeper sections.
  • The reader can choose how deep to go and which sections to concentrate on.

Version History

Updates to KDD

Login redirects to dashboard

User Management added

  • User page added to show invites, requests and users, with ability to revoke
  • Admin permission implemented (for KDD owner only atm)
  • Updated to latest Bulma
  • Some problems fixed

Meta keywords implemented

Editor page has meta keyword field for a comma separated list of keywords that will be served in the HEAD section of the page.

Option to hide KDD branding added

Search Added

Main editor upgraded to allow styling.

Issue Tracker Section Type added

Issue tracker extras. General style tweaks.

Content fills page if no child kdds. Text colour button added to editor.

Favourites implemented on dashboard

Edits backup old version.

Enhancements added to Issue tracker

Contact Tracker Added

Add Special button added. Engine rewritten using async/await.

Option on kdd to show details

currently includes created/updated dates - info may not be available for older kdds.

Needs Updating flag added

Mark pages as needing updates with one click.

Notify users that the content they are looking at is not up to date and needs upates, quickly and easily.

Toolbar rework

back colour, table, indent added. code removed.


Revision tracking added. Editing extras.

Revisions can be turned on in each root kdd. This gives each page access to the saved revisions. These can be browsed and any previous revision can be promoted to the current page.

HTML editing added to the editor

A font awesome icon can be set as the KDD icon, overriding any icon that is set manually.

Google Analytics Support

Option to set global tag on kdd

Filter Box

Dashboard filter box added - Filters by KDD title only

Basic Styling Added

Pick list of Colour Schemes added

Section Order Editing Improved

Drag and drop sections to reorder.

Section order fix

Drag and drop only active for Manual ordering.

Locking added

Admin can lock a KDD to prevent other users from accessing it.

Search fix

Search on the top level of a kdd fixed.

Mobile layout fix

Dates on sections moved to allow space for title text

Website View

Ability to display content in a more traditional format

Issues can be marked as priority

Improvements to issue tracker

Show/Hide issue sections. Enhancements show title. Priority counts shown.

Update to latest TinyMCE Editor


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