Software Development Services

Abbeytek Ltd is an established UK software development company specialising in desktop, cloud and mobile applications.

We have done a lot of work in the Oil / Gas measurement & control industry, contributing heavily in the development of several metering systems.

We have also written software to control & monitor equipment as diverse as:

  • Various laser modules for custom real-time measurement & scanning applications.
  • Flow Cytometers and associated auto-loaders and carousels, used for measuring and counting cells.
  • Cloud/Web/Phone applications for a multiple of industries
  • Portable Fluid Cleanliness Monitors,  calculating ISO cleanliness codes for mineral, synthetic or water based fluids.
  • Customer Display Boards on Railway Station Platforms.
  • Redundant Power Supplies for the mobile phone networks.
  • Plastic Extrusion Machines.
  • Satellite synchronised Clocks on the London Underground.
  • An Industrial Depositor, used to insert the bubbly bit inside a certain well known chocolate bar.

Get in touch to see how Abbeytek can work with you to develop and maintain your software systems and applications.