Knowledge Drill Down

Divide, conquer, evaluate, learn.

The main part of the kdd is at the top or top left in blue. It contains title, description and optional image. To the right of the title is an indicator to say if the kdd has been marked in need of update and the search button. Clicking on this allows a text search of the current and all child kdds.

If an "eye" marker is present beneath the description, it indicates that the kdd is public. A 'megaphone' icon indicates the kdd will appear on the kdd front page.

Below that is an optional image.

Below that is a box containing the main textual information.

If the kdd has children, they will be shown on the right in green. Clicking on one will replace the active kdd on the left with the selected kdd.

At the bottom will be one or more buttons:

  • [(<-) to XXXXX] - Return to the top kdd. (if you are more than 1 kdd deep)
  • [<- to XXXXX] - Return to the parent kdd. (if you are 1 kdd or more deep)
  • [Add Section] - Create a new child kdd
  • [Add Special] - Create a new child kdd with a special function
  • [Edit] - Edit this kdd
  • [Delete] - Delete this kdd
  • [Users] - Edit the users with access to this kdd
  • [View Flattened] - Show this kdd and all children in a single page, suitable for copy/paste into an external package, editor, etc.