• See and understand what’s going on : Get Message Explanations, Field Breakdowns and Custom Register Naming.
  • Ethernet TCP and Serial RS-232 / RS-485 support.
  • Protocol Simulator for Modbus RTU, TCP and ASCII.
  • Slave Failure Testing Functions – CRC Fails and Link Breaks
  • Link data to Excel or other packages that support DDE
  • Highly compact. Quick Windows Install/Uninstall.
  • Designed, written and tested in-house by Windows Programmers with years of Modbus experience.
  • “Simple, Elegant, Efficient & Reliable”


Try Now

Download the fully functional evaluation version here

  • The evaluation version is fully functional for 14 days. After this, a purchase must be made to continue use.
  • After download, just “Open” the file and it will install on your PC. Once installed, you can run it from the Windows Start Menu


Read and update values from Excel or similar.